We are your full-service liquor store POS system provider in Florida

Since 1980, Palm Tree POS of South Florida, Heartland Diamond Dealer, has been equipping liquor (spirits), wine, beer, grocery, and tobacco stores in Florida with liquor store POS systems. Our customers in Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville—and beyond to the entire U.S. and the Caribbean—rely on the technology solutions we provide to take a smarter, more profitable approach to operating their stores. Our family-owned and operated business, under the direction of our founder and CEO, Bruce Larson, is committed to providing point of sale (POS) systems that save you money and make managing a business easier.

Discover the benefits of working with a leading Florida liquor store POS system provider

Palm Tree POS of South Florida approaches each project by working with our customers to identify key problems and how our solutions can address these issues. Our industry knowledge and experience, gained over decades of working with business owners, gives us insights that quickly allow us to point you to the best solutions for your needs. We provide personal, face-to-face interaction throughout the entire sales cycle, during your project, and beyond, tailoring support and service to meet tier needs.

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