When was the last time you upgraded your point of sale (POS) system? If you can’t recall or it’s been a while since you last replaced it, it could be time to upgrade. Here are a few more signs that it’s time to upgrade your point of sale system.

Your Point of Sale Software Is Slow and Buggy

One of the most important reasons to have a POS system is efficiency. POS systems allow you to streamline your operations and process non-cash payments in an efficient manner that saves both you and your customers valuable time. When customers question whether their transaction went through or you’re spending more and more time on transactions, it’s time to consider upgrading your POS system. Buggy point of sale systems can also make training a struggle. Slow systems that require convoluted workarounds make training much more difficult than it needs to be. Yet another sign that it’s time to upgrade.

Your Point of Sale System has Limited Integration Capabilities

Integration is crucial when it comes to point of sale systems for small businesses. If you have to jump between several different programs to get the reports you  business information or financial reports, you’re wasting valuable time that could be used elsewhere. Most modern POS systems offer integration  capabilities that can help you ditch the other third-party transaction software you’re using.  Giving you accurate and timely reporting to keep track of your financials  and inventory easier.

Your Point of Sale System has Outdated Payment Processing Technology

There are numerous ways for customers to pay for goods and services these days. Most credit cards don’t even need to be swiped anymore — they’re created with an encrypted chip for more secure transactions. Some cards can simply be tapped up against your POS terminal to pay for goods. If your POS system can’t handle chip payments or wireless transactions, it’s a sure sign that you need to upgrade. Technology is making it easier for customers to pay for goods, and your POS system needs to be able to keep up.

Don’t wait to join the 52% of retailers who said they wanted to enhance their POS systems. If you’re seeing any of these signs, it’s time for an upgrade.