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Beauty & Health Supplies

Bath & Soaps

Perfumes & Fragrances


Cloud pos

Empower your team to sell more profitably

  • Sales rep tracking
  • Mulit-store inventory look up
  • Gift cards, promotions & coupons
  • Real-time sales dashboard

Inventory management

Customers expect a seamless shopping experience – so give them one!

  • Access inventory in real time and place orders across all stores, warehouses or online.
  • Real-time inventory data across all channels
  • Fulfillment alerts right on your dashboard
  • Easily split orders to multiple fulfillment points


Detect trends, pivot quickly when things aren’t selling or simply understand your customers like never before. Gather the data that’s right for your business and report on it in any way you want. 

  • Real-time data
  • Custom fields and reports
  • User based permissions
  • Easily export to CSV, PDF or share a URL
  • Compare data over time