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Cloud-based POS that’s Powerful, Scalable, and Feature-rich.

With one unified solution, Heartland Restaurant provides a powerful system for all your Florida restaurant POS solution needs.

Streamlining Restaurant Operations

With a feature-rich, cloud-based POS system you can access management functions of your restaurant from anywhere in the world.

Delivering the Customer Experience that Builds Loyalty

Give your customers what they deserve by delivering solutions to provide the best possible customer service.

 A Unified Solution Proven to Deliver Success

With everything you need to succeed look no further than the powerful Heartland Restaurant POS software solutions.

Heartland Restaurant

Restaurant Solutions Unified to Fit Your Needs


  • Turn Tables Faster: With a cloud-based POS system, turn tables in your restaurant even faster than before. Guests can pay with a device right at the table, allowing them to pay at their convenience and feel secure in their payment.
  • Skip the Line: Customers can order ahead for quick meal pick-up. They can also scan to pay for added speed and convenience, allowing them to enjoy their meal even faster.
  • Sync Servers and Kitchen: Benefits of a cloud-based POS system allow for the communication of customizations to meals in real-time from wait staff to kitchen staff.
  • Order Tracking: Know where meals are in the prep, cook, completion and delivery process.
  • Remote Management: A cloud-based POS allows management to access menus, inventory, and sales data from anywhere in the world with any internet-enabled device.
guest app

Features Built for Your Needs

Cloud-Based Solution Gives Your Restaurant More Control

Point of Sale

  • Being in the cloud, Heartland Restaurant integrates seamlessly with other applications.
  • No server needed, reducing technology costs.
  • Can continue to work with or without the internet.

Self-Order Kiosk

  • Speeds up ordering, reducing wait times and frees up staff for other tasks.
  • Provides more upsell opportunities.

Online Ordering

  • Gives guests the opportunity to view the menu and place orders online.
  • Can be implemented seamlessly with no third parties, software “patches” or additional costs.

Guest Application

  • Send alerts and reminders to guests when they are close to your restaurant.
  • Provide quicker service by allowing guests to skip the line when ordering and paying with scan to pay.

Gift & Loyalty

  • Allow customers to view and redeem loyalty or reward points and gift card balances at any time.
  • Create targeted promotions for the right customers.
Online Ordering
Guest Application

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Providing Solutions for Your Florida Restaurant POS Needs

Working with our customers to provide the solutions they need is our top priority. Our industry knowledge, experience, and 24/7 support can provide your Florida Restaurant a POS system right for your needs.

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