LiquorPOS: Designed for the Way You Do Business

We partner with Heartland to offer LiquorPOS, point of sale designed specifically to support operations at beer, wine, and liquor stores. Upgrade from pen and paper or ECR to a fully functional point of sale (POS) system that not only lets you provide fast, efficient checkout, but also allows you to automate daily tasks saving you time and money.

With a Heartland LiquorPOS solution from Palm Tree POS, you will also gain new capabilities, such as data that helps you target marketing to specific groups of customers and easy management of your loyalty or frequent buyer program. You will also gain greater insights into your business with LiquorPOS’ reporting feature that provides you with the information you need on sales, costs, profits, and employee performance to make smart business decisions. If you operate more than one store, LiquorPOS allows you to access all reports from a single location and keep a close watch on your entire business.

Heartland Liquor POS Breeze Monitor

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Business Benefits of LiquorPOS

Our solutions featuring Heartland LiquorPOS empower you to take control of every area of your business:

  • Margins: Stock and sell items that bring in the most profit.
  • Inventory: Gain visibility into quantities and purchase with confidence.
  • Customer Relationships: Build customer loyalty and collect data that helps you market more effectively.
  • Security: Protect sales and inventory from theft and errors.
Liquor POS
Liquor POS

LiquorPOS Features

LiquorPOS is also customizable to accommodate your product line, your workforce and the unique way you do business.

  • Quick access to price and inventory information
  • User-friendly setup, with a preloaded database of 35,000 items.
  • Age verification
  • Integrated credit card processing
  • Flexible discounting options for single or grouped items
  • Easy deposit management with sales and returns
  • Multipack items — sell and update inventory by the case, six-pack, or single
  • Customizable receipts
  • Automatic purchase order generation when inventory falls below preset levels