Running both your customer loyalty experience and marketing strategy across in-store and online stores is now easy! It’s all a matter of integrating Marsello and Heartland Retail POS to your choice of eCommerce platform. You’ll be able to gather valuable customer information, track and reward customer engagement, grow life-long customer relationships, trigger perfectly-timed notifications to encourage customers to shop, and more! Learn how they work together below. 

Personalized email and SMS campaigns 

Personalization is the key to making email and SMS campaigns stand out. It’s easy to create campaigns that encourage customer engagement with tools like data-driven product recommendations, unique coupon codes, merge tags to automatically include customer details (like their names), and professionally designed templates. When you include logo, product images, brand colors, plus data to feed-in customer information, you create a standout marketing experience that captures your clients’ attention. With Marsello you can create quick memorable email campaigns and find excellent email templates. 

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Automated marketing campaigns to boost your ROI

Automated marketing campaigns are an impressive customer retention tool. With Marsello you can encourage customers to return to your store, send ‘Thank you’ emails to new customers who have shopped for the first time, send product recommendations, reward your best customers, share exclusive discounts, and more, all through pre-designed automated campaigns. All of this is done automatically so you don’t have to manually remember every date for every customer. 

Detailed marketing reports and customer data 

By integrating marketing results with Heartland Retail’s point-of-sale and e-commerce data, you can accurately correlate sales and marketing success with specific sales channels to deliver reliable results. Track your ROI, Average Customer Lifetime Value, specific marketing results, and detailed customer & revenue insights. Later on, this data can help you improve your marketing campaigns and processes to ensure that your efforts see the best results through any marketing channels you use.

Marsello is a great opportunity for retailers with its all-in-one marketing powerhouse designed for omnichannel Heartland Retail merchants. Create personalized marketing campaigns along with effective retail marketing strategies your customers will love!