The retail industry is worth $445 billion and supports about 25% of American jobs. These jobs are either conducted physically, online, or both. Online stores have become more common thanks to the introduction of a POS system for retail stores and other e-commerce tools. While owning an online store is fun, the most frustrating part is having customers fill their shopping carts but fail to make a purchase. Fortunately, there are various things you can do to reduce online shopping cart abandonment.

The following are tips to reduce online shopping cart abandonment.

1. Provide Quick Check Out Options

Part of why people don’t make purchases in online stores is because of the lengthy checkout experience. Many customers will not purchase items in your online shop if the checkout system is lengthy and cumbersome. You can reduce online shopping cart abandonment by making the checkout process quick and easy. Include shortcuts and a status bar on your website to ease navigation. Connect your website to a POS system for retail stores to further quicken the process.

2. Provide Free Shipping

Hidden costs after making an online purchase result in shopping cart abandonment. Many shoppers dread shipping costs and their associated taxes; therefore, they’d rather buy things from businesses that provide free shipping. You will reduce cart abandonment and attract many customers to your online store by providing free shipping services.

3. Provide Several Payment Options

Lack of several payment options increases shopping cart abandonment. This is because a single payment option limits potential customers from buying things from your shop. You could prevent shopping cart abandonment by providing multiple payment options for buyers, including credit card, mobile transfer, and bank transfer options.

4. Provide Live Chat Support

Another important tip you can use to reduce shopping cart abandonment is providing live chat support. Provide an online chat feature that shoppers can use to ask you questions. You can also use the feature to clarify important information and build relations with shoppers.

5. Have a Proper Refund and Return Policy

A business that does not have a proper refund and return policy will experience frequent shopping cart abandonment, especially from return customers. Since online shoppers don’t get the opportunity to view and test a product in person, it’s imperative to create an effective refund and return policy for your online shop. It would be best to include a link to the policy before the checkout process.

Following these tips will enable you to reduce online shopping cart abandonment. Buy a POS system for retail stores to facilitate your transactions. Learn more by contacting Palm Tree POS today.